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For 60 years, the FM Area Foundation has partnered with individuals, families, businesses and nonprofits to create a variety of funds to support our community. Today, we manage more than 400 charitable funds, some with specific purposes, and others that support the community's greatest needs.

You can help make a difference by giving to an existing fund listed below, or you can contact us to set up your own charitable fund to support the causes you care about. Whichever way you choose to give, we are honored to be the steward of your generosity.

If the fund you want is not listed, simply type a portion of the name in the search field below, or click, "show all funds list." This giving page may not be compatible with Internet Explorer. If you have questions, please contact us at 701.234.0756 or email

Donate To A Fund

Fund Name
3114ELSE Fund
3114 ELS Pass-Through Grant Fund
Aakre Reiser Scholarship Fund
Aam-Steinke Scholarship Fund
Abiding Bronze Star Fund
Adam Hoekstra Memorial Scholarship Fund
Admiral Robert Baldwin Award
Alerus Financial Fund
Alerus Financial Scholarship Fund
Allegiant Careers in Aviation Fund
American Legion Youth Fund
Amphion Award
Amy & William R. Layne Scholarship Fund
Anne Krapu - HPR Journalism Non-Endowed Scholarship Fund
Anne Krapu Journalism Legacy Endowed Fund
Arise! Communities; Arise
Art and Mildred Glasow Fund
Arthur Kleingartner
Arthur W. and Clara Cupler Fund
Ashley W. and Cortnee J. Jensen Family Fund
Barbara K. Burgum Fund
Benjamin and Petra Holt Memorial Fund
Benjamin and Petra Holt Memorial Fund 1
Bernice Tetrault Fund
Beverly (Gerhardson) & Lloyd W. Paulson Evergreen Memorial Cemetery Fund
Beverly (Gerhardson) & Lloyd W. Paulson Family Advised Fund
Bill & Mary Schlossman Unrestricted Fund
Bob and Deb Buth Family Fund
Brad and Carol Schlossman Unrestricted Fund
Brad and Carrie Jacobson Family Fund
Breimer Field of Interest Fund
Bruce & Dorothy H. Burritt Fund in memory of Governor & Mrs. LB Hanna
Brunsberg Family Fund
Bundle of Joy Community Change Initiative
Bushell Family Charitable Fund
Butch Kouba Memorial Scholarship Fund
Caring Catalog
Caring for the Homeless Fund
Carlton Hunke Family Fund
Carol L Stoudt Donor Advised Fund (II)
Carol L. Stoudt Field of Interest Fund
Carol L. Stoudt Fund
Cass Clay Community Land Trust
Cass/Clay VOAD Fund
Cass County Historical Society Endowment
Catholic Charities North Dakota Endowment
C. Edmund Strinden Scholarship Fund
Celebration of Women and their Arts Scholarship Fund
Chamber of Commerce Youth Leadership Endowment Fund
Charles and Linda Moses Foundation Fund
Charleswood Scholarship Fund
Christian Action Canaan Moravian Church Fund
Christian Action Fund
Christine, ND Pioneer Cemetery Perpetual Fund
Churches United for the Homeless
Cindy and Steve Magnuson Fund
Citizens Local Energy Action Network (CLEAN)
Clara Frances Markiewicz Fund
Clara M. Stahl Fund
Clarence G. Schilling Memorial Fund
Claudia M. Pratt Art Heals Fund
Clay/Cass Veterans Assistance Fund
Clayton and Ilene Lodoen Scholarship Fund
Clifford and Gladys Wold Family Fund
Clifford and Gladys Wold Family Fund 2
Clif S. Hamilton, Jr. and Yvonne H. Hamilton Charitable Fund
Community Response Fund of Cass and Clay Counties
Comstock Memorial Trust Scholarship Fund
Concordia College Designated Fund
C.Warner Litten Community Fund
Daisy D. Engh Scholarship Fund
Dakota Supply Group Scholarship Fund
Dale R. and Marilyn D. Larson Family Fund
Daniel T. Haga Memorial Scholarship Fund
Darold and Lyla Rath Family Fund
David L. and Virginia T. Duval Fund
Dean and Maxine Workman Memorial Fund
Denton and Thressa Jepson Scholarship Fund
Depot Plaza Endowment Fund
DeVries Legacy Fund
DeWayne R. Lesmeister Family Fund
Diehl Family Legacy Fund
Donald and Margaret Barnard Family Fund
Donald E. Dehne Memorial Scholarship Fund
Don and Glenda Haugen Family Fund
Doris Hertsgaard Scholarship Fund
Dorothy Sewall Hector Fund
Doug Burgum Family Fund
Drew Scholarship Fund
Duane and Judy Lee Scholarship
Earl and Kathryn Stein Family Fund
Earl C. Reineke Fund
Eddie Gasper Legacy Fund
Edward E. & Frances R. Simonson Fund
Edwin A. & Clara Forsyth Engebretson Family Fund
Edwin Pooch Fund
Ellingsberg Strouse Family Fund
Elmer and Kaya Berg Fund
ELM Family Foundation
Eugene Minske Professional Continuing Education Scholarship Fund
F5 Project
Family Health Care Endowment Fund
Fargo Air Museum Endowment Fund
Fargo Hoppers Scholarship Fund
Fargo Moorhead Area Bowling Scholarship Fund
Fargo Moorhead Area Youth Symphonies
Fargo-Moorhead Opera Company Endowment Fund
Fargo-Moorhead Opera Company Permanent Endowment Fund 1
Fargo-Moorhead Science Museum
Fargo-Moorhead Symphony Orchestra Cadenza Fund
Fargo-Moorhead Symphony Orchestra Endowment Fund
Fargo-Moorhead Symphony Orchestra New Generations Fund
Fargo-Moorhead Symphony Orchestra Podium Fund
Fargo Public Library Endowment Fund
Fargo Public Schools Foundation Fund - Activity/Extracurricular Fund
Fargo Public Schools Foundation Fund - Arts and Humanitites Fund
Fargo Public Schools Foundation Fund - Central High School Fund
Fargo Public Schools Foundation Fund - Counseling, Personal Development & Special Student Needs Fund
Fargo Public Schools Foundation Fund - Language and Social Studies Fund
Fargo Public Schools Foundation Fund - Math, Science and Technology Fund
Fargo Public Schools Foundation Fund - Trollwood Performing Arts School Award (Charles Bailly Troll
Fargo Public Schools Foundation Fund - Vern Bennett Service Award Fund
Fargo Theatre Endowment Fund
Fargo Theatre Endowment Fund 1
Florence M. Hagstrom Scholarship Fund
FMAF Arts and Culture Fund
FMAF Basic Human Needs Fund
FMAF Community Building Fund
FMAF Education Fund
FMAF Immediate Response Fund
FMAF Operating Fund
FM Coalition for Homeless Persons Permanent Endowment Fund
F.M. Heart Health Fund
Folkways Christkindlmarkt
Food of the North Fund
Francis and Adeline Hartl Trust Fund
Francis J. and Doris Y. Butler Memorial Fund
Francis J. and Janet D. Beaton Memorial Fund
Frank and Helen Buzzell Scholarship Fund
Fred and Selma Fiechtner Memorial Fund
Fred and Selma Fiechtner Memorial Fund 1
Fred Fiechtner Fund
Fred R. Tharalson Scholarship Fund
Fred W. and Leopoldine Pardau Memorial Fund
Furness Family Fund
Gary and Connie Tharaldson Fund
George Comstock Trust/President's Discretionary Fund
George & Martha Borgie Fund
Gilman Toso Scholarship Fund
Gooseberry Park Players Fund
Gordon and Caroline Anderson Fund
Gudrun E. Powell Memorial Fund
Gwen Thayer Charitable Fund
Harold C. Meyer Fund
Harold H. and Mary T. Berg Fund
Hayden Thomas Nelson Scholarship Fund
Healthy Childhood Partners Fund
Hegland Lutheran Church Cemetery Fund
Helen and Charles Bailly Fund
Heng Educational Trust Fund
Herman Stern Charitable Fund
Historical & Cultural Society of Clay County Endowment Fund 1
Historical & Cultural Society of Clay County Endowment Fund 3
Howard and Elizabeth Freeberg Scholarship
Howell Pipe Organ Fund
Human Rights Fund
Hutchinson Family Charitable Fund
Ignite Church Designated Endowment Fund
Imagine Thriving
Immanuel Kant Endowment Fund I
Immanuel Kant Endowment Fund II
Immanuel Kant Music Fund
Inspire Innovation Lab Endowment
Iota Sigma Chapter Delta Tau Delta Education Fund
Irving and Lillian Christian Endowment
Irvin G. Martin Endowment Fund III
Irvin G. Martin Memorial Fund
Irvin G. Martin Memorial Fund II
Iva C. Boettcher Fund
James and Margo McCulley Fund
James G. Green Fund
James H. and Jan Ulferts Stewart Family Fund
James R. Dawson Designated Fund
James R. Dawson Donor Advised Fund
Jane Lontz Stern - William C. Lontz, Sr. Fund
Jan Welken Memorial Fund
Jeffry and Jeanie Volk Family
Jerry Schlenker Memorial Fund
Jessie Olson Memorial Fund
Jill and Jeff Berg Donor Advised Fund
Jill and Jeff Berg Pass-Through Donor Advised Fund
Jim and Jean Wold Family Fund
John and Corina Biwer Charity Fund
John and Karel Holten Charitable Fund
John and Sherri Stern Charitable Trust
John Ballantyne Endowed Donor Advised Fund
John Ballantyne Non-Endowed Donor Advised Fund
John D. and Caroline H. Dady Fund
John L. and Rosemary L. Stillman Memorial Fund
John & Louise Alsop Memorial Fund
Julie and Jim Frisk Giving Fund
Julie and Jim Frisk Legacy Fund
KAT Group Fund
Katherine Kilbourne Burgum Fund
Kathryn P. Bond Charitable Fund
Kay and Fred Werremeyer Family Fund
Kay and Steve Halverson Charitable Fund
Ken and Melanie Knudsen Fund
Kenneth and Marcia Retzer Charitable Endowment Fund
Kim Alberty/Agassiz Seed Fund
Kjelvik Family Advised Fund
Lake Agassiz Camp Fire Council Endowment Fund
Lakeshirts Charitable Fund
L and J Kloiber Family Fund
Lanning Vision Fund
Larsgaard Family Donors Advised Fund
Laura Christenson Espejo Social Justice Fund
Law Enforcement Museum Fund
Leah Brekke Scholarship Fund
Lee Frigen Charitable Fund
Legacy Children's Foundation
Leidal Scholarship Fund
Leonard & Donna Richards Scholarship Fund
Lewis H. & Julia T. Oehlert Fund
Liudahl Fine Arts and Service Scholarship Fund
Liudahl Teaching, Education & Administrative Assistant Scholarship Fund
Lloyd Dahley Fund
Louise F. Freeman Fund
Lucien C. Barnes & Edna Barnes Fund
Lucien C. Barnes & Edna Barnes Fund II
Lucien C. Barnes & Edna Barnes Fund III
Margaret Aam Fund
Margaret L. Potter Legacy Fund
Mart and Lois Vogel Fund
Maryann Tucker Memorial Fund
McClellan Scholarship Fund
McKay Family Foundation Fund
Melle F. Tex and Eva L. Tex Scholarship Fund
Microsoft Scholarship Fund
Mike and Nancy Richards Charitable Fund
Mike and Peggy Bullinger Family Fund
Milton and Evelyn Larson Charitable Fund
Milton and Marilyn (Dixon) Sorum Fund
Minnesota Academic Excellence Foundation Fund
Mohr Family-Dacotah Paper Fund
Moore Engineering Scholarship
Moore Family Fund
Moorhead Community Fund
Moorhead Community Fund - Arts & Culture General
Moorhead Community Fund - Community Recreation Center / Aquatics
Moorhead Community Fund - Dog Park in South Moorhead
Moorhead Community Fund - Inclusive Playground
Moorhead Community Fund - K9 Police Dog
Moorhead Community Fund - Matson Filed Grandstand
Moorhead Community Fund - River Corridor and Trails
Moorhead Community Fund - Southside Regional Field Lights
Moorhead Community Fund - Youth Scholarship Fund
Moorhead Legacy Education Foundation Impact II
Moorhead Legacy Education Impact Fund
Morrie and Ruthie Lanning Family Fund
Mortimer & Agnes Wilk Memorial Fund
MSUM Alumni Foundation Fund
Muller Family Fund
Murch Scholarship Fund
Muriel and Joseph Richardson Fund
Muriel C. Vincent Fund
ND Automobile and MN, ND and SD Equipment Dealers Donor Advised Fund
Neil and Nancy Jordheim Fund
Neil and Nancy Jordheim Pass-Through Gift Fund
Nelson & Denis Richardson Charitable Fund
Niehaus Family Fund
Noel I. & Judith A. Fedje Charitable Fund
Nokomis Endowment Fund
Noridian Employees Credit Union - CoreLink Fund
Noridian Employees Credit Union - Noridian Fund
Otis S. Olson Fund
Otto Haakenstad Charitable Fund
Park Christian School United Scholarship Fund
Pat Konewko Fund
Patricia Skognes Fund
Paul Ormbreck Legacy Fund
Paul Ormbreck Memorial Scholarship Fund
PB&J School Lunch Fundraiser
Pelican Rapids High School Fund
Pembina Gorge Foundation Endowment Fund
Phi Chapter Theta Chi Education Fund
Philip and JoAnne Johnson Donor Advised Fund
Prairie Public Broadcasting Endowment Fund
Prentiss H. and Joyce B. Cole Charitable Fund
Prentiss H. and Joyce B. Cole Charitable Fund
Presentation Partners in Housing Permanent Endowment Fund
Probstfield Family Memorial Fund
Pumpkin Fund
Quentin N. Burdick Memorial Scholarship Fund
Raer Family Fund
Raer Scholarship Fund
R Allan and Laura Rostad Family Fund
R Allan and Laura Rostad Family Fund
Rape and Abuse Crisis Center of Fargo-Moorhead, Inc. Endowment Fund
Raymond V. Fertig Family Fund
R. Douglas and Sally A. Larsen Fund - Nokomis
R. Douglas and Sally A. Larsen Fund - PLC
Red River Basikn Commission Quasi-Endowment Fund
Red River Basin Commission Permanent Endowment Fund
Red River Theatre Organ Society
Red River Valley Figure Skating Club Endowment Fund
Regional Workforce Development Partnership & Collaboration
Reierson Family Fund
Reierson Family Fund II
Retail Credit Association Scholarship Fund
Richard and Gayle Larson Charitable Fund
Robert C. and Edith A. Dawson Family Fund
Robert H. and Elizabeth C. Tallman Fund
Roger and Mary Hoffmann Charitable Fund
Roland I Stenerson Fund
Ronald and Marlene Hoffart 2012
Ronald and Marlene Hoffart Charitable Fund
Rosamund Zlevor Memorial Fund
Russell A. & Helen S. Sand Public HS Educational Fund
Salem Cemetery Perpetual Fund
Seymour Landfield Endowment Fund
Shirley McCaslin and John Peterson Charitable Fund
Sister Catherine Haertjen Scholarship Endowment Fund
Spencer and Ferne Jones Trust
Spencer W. Jones & Ferne K. Jones Charitable Trust
St. John's - St. Ansgar Health Care Fund
Stoner Family Fund
Sundog Scholarship Fund
Susan Stern Fineman and Tom Fineman Fargo Family Fund
Teiken Family Fund
Temple Beth El Endowment Fund - Aleph Fund
Temple Beth El Endowment Fund - Bet Fund
Temple Beth El Endowment Fund - Gimmel Fund 2
The Charity Mae Foundation
The Grant Fund
The Joseph W. Cohen Memorial Fund
The Pass-Through Grant Fund
The SAE ND Beta Chapter House Educational Fund
Thomas C. and Georgia R. Dawson Family Fund
Thomas C. Wold Family Fund
Tim and Nan Corwin Charitable Pass-Through Grant Fund
Tim and Nan Corwin Charitable Trust
Tom M. Reinhiller Memorial Fund
United Way of Cass/Clay Endowment Fund
Vernon E. Howell and Orlee R. Howell Educational Trust Fund
Villa Maria Endowment Fund
Walaker Family Memorial Fund
Walter and Verna Gehrts Fund
Warren B. and Irene O. Diederich Fund
Western Minnesota Steam Threshers Reunion Endowment Fund
West Fargo Area Community Program
West Fargo Area Scholarship Fund Unallocated
West Fargo Exchange Club
Willard Grager Scholarship Fund
William A. and Anna Jane Schlossman Fund
William and Anna Jane Schlossman Fund (Adv)
William B. Richardson Family Fund
William C. & Jane B. Marcil Family Foundation
William C. & Jane B. Marcil Family Foundation 1
William D. Weddell Charitable Trust
William J. Boettcher Memorial Fund
Wilson Family Fund
Women's Fund Endowment
W.R. Haggart Fund
W. W. Wallwork Fund
Your Pennies CAN Count Fund